Gundam Master Grade ver.Ka

Master Grade ver.Ka, a new take to the original.

ver.Ka stands for version Katoki.

Hajime Katoki is a popular Japanese mecha designer. A member of the studio Sunrise, he is highly noted for his work on the Gundam series he worked on:
– Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
– Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
– Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

He is often asked to design or redesign a kit, all of these kits that he worked on will be branded with ver.Ka.

The philosophy behind Master Grade is not just being a bigger model, with this slight scale up they are able to make a lot of changes to the overall design, proportions, and articulation.

Most Master Grade has a detailed inner frame where you will attach a part of its outer armor to as if you are building a real mobile suit.
Due to this design, it will come with more parts then its little brother the High Grade. You will notice that a lot of the parts will be separated instead of an engraved panel line.

Master Grade kits are scaled 1/100 from its original design, when the kits are completed you can expect the model to be around 18-22 cm depending on which model you choose.

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